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How a Dallas couple created a smooth, stress-free move

Timing is everything when buying your dream home. Kurt and Christi learned how Opendoor can help.

preparing your home for selling in the new year

5 ways to prepare your home for selling in the new year

The quiet of January is the perfect time to start tackling the to-do list to preparing your house for a sale.

Opendoor Turns Doubtful Salesman Into a Believer

To sell his home, Shane looked for a company that shares his values of honesty and transparency.

paint colors that boost home value with couple

The Paint Colors That Can Boost Your Home’s Value

One of most cost effective ways that help to increase your home's value is also one of the simplest: paint.

How Opendoor and Bernie Lake worked together to fulfill a promise to a friend

Bernie executed his late friend Don's will. He sold to Opendoor to get the best deal for Don's sons.

How Opendoor helped a growing family find their future home

With baby #3 on the way, Laura & Jim Boldin knew they needed a bigger home. The busy family sold to Opendoor.

The Bertotys used Opendoor to skip the home-selling stress and retire in style

The Bertotys wanted to quit taking care of a house and start enjoying retirement. Opendoor made their sale a breeze.

Five holiday houses and where to find them

Some of the most iconic Christmas homes to grace the silver screen are actual homes you can see.

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