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Real estate tips, trends and insights for home buyers and sellers

How Opendoor calculates your home’s value

We explain all the steps and factors of our home valuation process, aimed at giving you a fair market offer.

couple what is dom in real estate

Days on market: what they are, why they matter

We explain the term "days on market", one the most scrutinized statistic in real estate.

couple that prepares your home for sale

How to prepare your home for sale

We’ll break down the essential steps so you can get your home show-ready without losing your cool.

How do Opendoor’s costs compare to a traditional sale?

We explain Opendoor's service charge and the dramatically simplified selling experience it enables.

How selling to Opendoor led a couple to their forever home

In this customer story, JoAnn and Guy explain how selling to Opendoor helped them to snag their dream home.

When is the best time to sell a house in Phoenix?

In this post, we provide a clear answer to one of the most asked questions we hear from our customers.

top questions to ask when selling your home

The top 10 questions you should ask yourself when selling a home

We share some of the most important questions for the home selling journey - and provide answers as well.

Calculate the value of your home

How to calculate the value of your home

Do you know how much your house is worth? We’ll explain how to evaluate your home the way real estate pros do.

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