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Real estate tips, trends and insights for home buyers and sellers

opendoor repair inspection process

What to expect from Opendoor’s inspection and repair process

Our goal at Opendoor is to simplify the home selling process, so naturally, we simplified how repairs work.

selling a home with pets

Essential steps for selling a home with pets

Follow these steps to ensure nothing gets in the way of selling your pet-friendly home for maximum value.

school rating impact home prices

How school ratings impact home prices

As school test scores rise, so do home values. A sale inside a good school district will likely reap dividends.

women reviewing on how much closing costs for seller are

How much are closing costs for the seller

We'll explain what closings costs are, and break down the types of expenses you’ll pay as a seller.

first time home seller guide by real estate agent

The essential first-time home seller guide

We provide an in-depth guide for first-time home sellers, providing helpful tips for all stages of the process.

questions to ask when interviewing a realtor

12 questions to ask when interviewing a realtor

We list some of the top questions you should ask when hiring a realtor for selling or buying your home.

How Opendoor calculates your home’s value

We explain all the steps and factors of our home valuation process, aimed at giving you a fair market offer.

couple what is dom in real estate

Days on market: what they are, why they matter

We explain the term "days on market", one the most scrutinized statistic in real estate.

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